Flock Of Dimes Breaks Arlo Parks Record-Shattering Streak at #1

Did you feel the Earth move? If so, you felt the quake of Arlo Parks finally being overtaken at the top of the NACC 200, a place she has resided in quite comfortably since early February. After 12 record-shattering weeks at #1 Parks has stepped aside (though she’s still #1 at NACC NEXT for a record-extending 12th week). The beneficiary of Parks’ newfound generosity on the NACC 200 side is Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner. As a solo artist Wasner records as Flock Of Dimes. The Baltimore native’s second solo LP, Head Of Roses (Sub Pop), becomes just the third #1 of 2021 (for some context, this time last year we’d already had nine #1s) and her first on the NACC 200 as it steps up 2-1 this week. read more…


Industry Interview with Will Glass, Powderfinger Promotions
Industry Interview with Will Glass, Powderfinger Promotions

“I have been a huge fan of the band Slightly Stoopid for a long long time. David Avery was able to get me backstage on multiple occasions to meet the band and the team that works with them. I would say when you meet someone you look up to for 10+ years for the first time its very nerve-racking.”

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May MD of the Month — Lauree McArdle, WERA Arlington
May MD of the Month — Lauree McArdle, WERA Arlington

“In my “free” personal time I host a weekly music show called Spin Cycle that airs on WERA. It’s been a challenging year for everyone due to the pandemic, and in all honesty, taking on the music director duties is a zen-like activity that helps my mental health as well as reconnect with my true love of music. I feel it’s important to keep new independent music on our music rotation as I believe it’s why listeners tune in regularly!”

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Industry Interview With Daria Gwaltney, Secretly Group
Industry Interview With Daria Gwaltney, Secretly Group

“I have interned/part-time worked at many beloved indie favorites such as The Fader FARM Team (marketing street team for The FADER), Captured Tracks (label), Insound.com (online music retail), Northern Spy (label), trans-pecos (venue), Boiler Room (music broadcasting platform). How could you not want to continue working in music when doors like that open?”

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