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February 05, 2019TRAGEDY: METAL TRIBUTE TO THE BEE GEES AND BEYOND"Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In" [Single]Beautyrock
February 20, 2024THEODORE"Aquatic" [Single]United We Fly
April 04, 2023DAVID DEACON"Arc Of Life" [Single]Slammin
November 14, 2023BARK"Arcade" [Single]Self-Released
March 30, 2021STILL SMALL VOICE, THE"Arches" [Single]Know Hope
October 12, 2021ARAYA"Archon" [Single]Self-Released
August 01, 2023JUSTIN AND THE COSMICS"Are All My Friends Gonna Be Strangers" [Single]Cosmic Thug
September 13, 2022UNA"Are They All Monsters" [Single]Cool Jewel
September 21, 2021TOBY"Are We Ridin" [Single]Magnetic Moon
April 30, 2024SHANE GUERRETTE"Are We?" [Single]Self-Released
May 02, 2023LOW CUT CONNIE"Are You Gonna Run?" [Single]Contender
May 02, 2023LOW CUT CONNIE"Are You Gonna Run?" [Single]The Orchard
May 07, 2024REN.Y.C"Are You Ready For This?" [Single]Cash Comes Easy
March 16, 2021CIRCUS MIND"Are You Ready?" feat. Taz Neiderauer [Single]Self-Released
September 07, 2021ELLY KACE"Are You Ready?" [Single]Self-Released
March 22, 2022INFLORESCENCE, THE"Are You Sorry" [Single]Kill Rock Stars
May 12, 2020MILAN RING"Are Your Friends Alright?" [Single]Inertia/PIAS
November 03, 2020EMSALLAM"Aref Enak" feat. Adan Wakeem [Single]Keife
September 06, 2022MARIAMI"Aries" [Single]Sungate
March 26, 2024CARTER VAIL"Arizona" [Single]Assemble Sound
July 20, 2021BROWN BONES"Arjanine" [Single]Self-Released
May 16, 2023BAILEY BIGGER"Arkansas Is Nice" [Single]Madjack
May 30, 2023BAILEY BIGGER"Arkansas Is Nice" {Single}Madjack
April 16, 2024HIS FATHER'S VOICE"Arm's Length" [Single]Self-Released
March 05, 2019JOHNNY MARR"Armatopia" [Single]New Voodoo
August 03, 2021IMONOLITH"Army Of Me" [Single]Self-Released
November 02, 2021LARS FREDERIKSEN"Army Of Zombies" [Single]Pirates Press
July 24, 2018ORGY"Army To Your Party" [Single]D1
August 24, 2021HOVVDY"Around Again" b/w "Junior Day League" [Single]Grand Jury
September 12, 2023RL GRIME"Around Me" [Single]Sable Valley/Virgin
June 25, 2019JANE HOLIDAY"Around The Bend" [Single]Helvetica/Everett
June 18, 2019DEATH BELLS"Around The Bend" [Single]Metropolitan Indian
January 21, 2020POOLSIDE"Around The Sun" feat. Amo Amo [Single]Pacific Standard
October 20, 2020KISSISSIPPI"Around Your Room" [Single]Triple Crown
October 04, 2022PUNKU"Arpa" [Single]Six Degrees
July 12, 2022KENNEDY ONE"Arrival" [Single]Dark City
September 22, 2020ALIENSDONTRINGDOORBELLS"Arrival" [Single]No Rules
August 08, 2023WILL BUTLER AND SISTER SQUARES"Arrow of Time" [Single]Merge
October 01, 2019FATE DESTROYED"Art Of Betrayal" [Single]Knucklehedz Inc
February 08, 2022ERIC HILTON"artifact22" [Single]Montserrat House
February 21, 2023ZUCO 103"Aruenda" [Single]Six Degrees
July 18, 2017EMA"Aryan Nation" [Single]City Slang
August 17, 2021ALEX SOUTHEY"As Close As You'll Ever Be" [Single]Self-Released
March 31, 2020CARMANAH"As I See You" [Single]Blue Heron
March 24, 2020CARMANAH"As I See You" [Single]Self-Released
September 07, 2021JENNIFER LEONHARDT"As I Went Down To The River To Pray" [Single]Self-Released
February 27, 2024VICTOR TOWLE"As It Is" [Single]Self-Released
November 12, 2019CHRIS WATERS"As It Seems" [Single]Self-Released
March 12, 2019OZWALD"As The Crow Flies" [Single]Allswell
March 16, 2021SILVER TALON"As The World Burns" [Single]M-Theory