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January 17, 2023LENNY WILLIAMS"Baby I'm Sorry" [Single]Bridle Ridge
May 30, 2023MIDNIGHT CALLERS, THE"Baby Let Me Be" [Single]Jem
August 25, 2020EELS"Baby Let's Make It Real" [Single]E-Works/PIAS
September 01, 2020PARIS"Baby Man Hands" [Single]Guerilla Funk
March 12, 2024ANI DIFRANCO"Baby Roe" [Single]Righteous Babe
March 15, 2022PAUL STANLEY'S SOUL STATION"Baby, I Do" [Single]UME
May 31, 2022PETROL GIRLS"Baby, I Had An Abortion" [Single]Hassle
October 27, 2020MAXIMO PARK"Baby, Sleep" [Single]Prolifica/PIAS
January 23, 2018STEVE OBANDO"Babylon" [Single]Angel Eyes
February 20, 2024CLUB ANGEL"Babylon's Burning" [Single]Astral People/PIAS
March 23, 2021MODERN CLARION"Back Again" [Single]Ordway
August 20, 2019ABACUS RINGS"Back At School" [Single]Self-Released
May 07, 2024DONOVAN WOODS"Back For The Funeral" [Single]End Times
November 17, 2020CHRIS TRAPPER"Back Home" [Single]Self-Released
November 02, 2021BUTTSHAKERS, THE"Back In America" [Single]Underdog
April 19, 2022DAVE GODDESS GROUP"Back In Business" b/w "Automatic Slim" [Single]Self-Released
August 31, 2021LEVI EVANS"Back In My Head Again" [Single]Big Loud Rock
May 04, 2021SARA BUG"Back In Nashville" [Single]Egghunt
January 19, 2021LUCERO"Back In Ohio" [Single]Liberty & Lament/Thirty Tigers
August 15, 2017CONES"Back In The Brain" b/w "Whatever You're Into" [Single]Canvasback
August 02, 2022FEE THE EVOLUTIONIST"Back In The Dayz" feat. Professor Lyrical & Ruby Shabazz [Single]Fenetic/Fat Sam
September 19, 2023DANIELLE HOWLE"Back In The Sun" [Single]Kill Rock Stars Nashville
October 06, 2020HEALY"Back in Time" b/w "Second Wind" [Single]RCA
August 29, 2023INDUSTRY STANDARD AKA INDY"Back It Up" [Single]Industry Standard
April 04, 2023COPE, THE"Back On My Bullshit" [Single]Self-Released
August 31, 2021BUFFALO NICHOLS"Back On Top" [Single]Fat Possum
February 28, 2023PRIMA QUEEN"Back Row" [Single]Big Indie
July 04, 2023POOLSIDE"Back To Life (feat. Panama)" [Single]Counter
August 24, 2021SUFJAN STEVENS AND ANGELO DE AUGUSTINE"Back To Oz" [Single]Asthmatic Kitty
March 17, 2020PHONO PONY"Back To School Special" [Single]Phony
February 27, 2024REVEREND SHAWN AMOS, THE"Back To The Beginning" [Single]Immediate Family
April 05, 2022JUSTIN KAWIKA YOUNG"Back To The Blue" [Single]Self-Released
November 17, 2020KALI"Back To The Start" [Single]Nettwerk
June 27, 2023CARY BROTHERS"Back To The Start" [Single]Procrastination
March 14, 2023ALASKA REID"Back To This" [Single]Luminelle
August 20, 2019CALVIN ARSENIA"Back To You" (Paul Brown Mix) [Single]Center Cut
August 29, 2017ASTROJAXX"Back To You" [Single]Self-Released
June 11, 2019MINUS SCALE, THE"Back To Your House" b/w "Old Ghost" [Single]Mint 400
March 19, 2019ULYSSES WELLS"Back With The People" [Single]Big Indie
February 19, 2019ARCHI AND PELAGO"Back" [Single]Cosmos
May 04, 2021ROQUEMORE"Back" [Single]Ray-On
May 12, 2020OZAY MOORE AND DSTL"Backaddit" [Single]Illect
September 20, 2022TOMMY ALEXANDER "Backslide" [Single]Fluff And Gravy
September 13, 2022ABBY SAGE"Backwards Directions" [Single]Nettwerk
April 12, 2022LIL SILVA"Backwards" feat. Sampha [Single]Platoon
March 03, 2020CLAUDETTES, THE"Bad Babe, Losin’ Touch" [Single]Forty Below
August 03, 2021WILDER"Bad Bad Luck" [Single]Rude
March 02, 202168"Bad Bite" [Single]Cooking Vinyl
June 14, 2022OK KEN!"Bad Boy Video" [Single]Self-Released
June 04, 2024BIANCA JADE"Bad Champagne" [Single]Self-Released