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August 23, 2022PVA"Bad Dad" [Single]Ninja Tune
June 22, 2021HIPPO CAMPUS"Bad Dream Baby" [Single]Fat Possum
December 06, 2022FEVER AND TENSION"Bad Enough" [Single]Self-Released
January 09, 2024JAGWAR TWIN"Bad Feeling" (Oompa Loompa) [Single]Big Loud Rock
September 05, 2023ANANYA"Bad For You" [Single]Self-Released
September 21, 2021ELOISE VIOLA"Bad Girl" [Single]Self-Released
October 13, 2020BAD MOON BORN"Bad Guy" [Single]Big If True
September 24, 2019INTERRUPTERS, THE"Bad Guy" [Single]Hellcat
March 26, 2024JAH'MILA"Bad Habit" feat. Kayo b/w "East Side Family" feat. Wolf Castle & Wendy MacIsaac [Single]Self-Released
June 08, 2021D'ARCY"Bad Habit" [Single]Self-Released
August 09, 2022BLACK PISTOL FIRE"Bad Habit" [Single]Rifle Bird
October 25, 2022SUNKING"Bad Habits" b/w "Glitch/Spy" [Single]Anti-
July 24, 2018THEIA"Bad Idea" [Single]Self-Released
August 17, 2021FOXX BODIES"Bad Kid" [Single]Kill Rock Stars
July 31, 2018BEARTOOTH"Bad Listener" [Single]Red Bull
March 20, 2018TOM CUNNINGHAM"Bad Love" [Single]Galaxy City Music
November 16, 2021TITUS BANK"Bad Loving" [Single]Everything Forever
February 07, 2023BRIAN DUNNE"Bad Luck" [Single]Kill Rock Stars
April 24, 2018NEKO CASE"Bad Luck" [Single]Anti-
July 25, 2023SODA BLONDE"Bad Machine" [Single]Self-Released
August 03, 2021KEROSENE DRIFTERS"Bad Mojo" b/w "Oh Gloria" [Single]Terrible
August 29, 2023SKUNK BAXTER"Bad Move" feat. Clint Black with CJ Vanston [Single]BMG/Renew
May 05, 2020VERNES, THE"Bad Planet" b/w "I Found A Reason" [Single]Self-Released
November 08, 2022TEI SHI"Bad Premonition" [Single]Self-Released
February 13, 2024STRATEJACKET"Bad Start" [Single]Edgeout
January 16, 2018FRANKE"Bad Tattoo" [Single]Brooklyn Boys
May 26, 2020LIZA ANNE"Bad Vacation" [Single]Arts & Crafts
November 05, 2019ARKANSAS DAVE"Bad Water" b/w "Bad Water" (Live At Music In The Park At Montreux Jazz Festival)" [Single]Big Indie
May 18, 2021HOBO STYLE, THE"Bad Week" [Single]Self-Released
April 10, 2018SAVE FACE"Bad" [Single]Epitaph
May 04, 2021RARE AMERICANS"Baggage" [Single]Crooked
March 10, 2020BUST AND THE BASS "Baggy Eyed Dope Man" feat. George Clinton [Single]Arts + Crafts
August 16, 2022HARBOUR"Bahamas" [Single]ONErpm
July 13, 2021QUANTIC AND NIDIA GONGORA"Balada Borracha" [Single]Tru Thoughts
September 20, 2022BILLY NOMATES"balance is gone" [Single]Invada
May 07, 2024WILKINSON AND NORTH"Balance" (Acoustic Version) [Single]Sleepless/BMG
March 19, 2024WILKINSON AND NORTH"Balance" [Single]Sleepless/BMG
June 11, 2019NOKILLSHELTER"Balanced Love" [Single]Atoned
November 15, 2022SILKE BERLINN"Ball And Chain" [Single]Self-Released
September 14, 2021MARY LOU FULTON"Ballad Of Suaqui" [Single]Infinidad
April 13, 2021CRUMB"Balloon" [Single]Crumb
September 12, 2023DREAM NAILS"Ballpit" [Single]Marshall
June 06, 2023DROWNS, THE"Ballroom Blitz" feat. Suzi Moon [Single]Pirates Press
September 19, 2023HMS MORRIS"Balls" [Single]Bubblewrap Collective
April 23, 2024SACHET DE'AUN"Baltimore Baddie" [Single]EKS
September 04, 2018HIPPO CAMPUS"Bambi" [Single]Grand Jury
February 12, 2019JADA KINGDOM"Banana" [Single]Self-Released
November 15, 2022MARY MIDDLEFIELD"Band Aid" [Single]Irascible
November 07, 2023JACKIE HAYES AND BILLY LEMOS"Bandaid" [Single]Pack Records/The Orchard
September 18, 2018RAH CASHIANO"Bandz" [Single]Self-Released