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September 08, 2020400 BEARS400 BearsSelf-Released
May 03, 2022408 AND KELLIN QUINN AND MAGNOLIA PARK"Mark Hoppus" [Single]Breaksilence
February 09, 2021408 AND THE THINGS WE WERE"Watch It Burn (Live And Learn)" [Single]MX2
October 16, 201841POINT9Mr Astute TrousersThe Highlander Company
February 16, 202145 ADAPTERSNow Or Never [EP]Pirates Press
February 08, 2022450S, THEThe 450sLouder Than Loud
April 20, 2021456, THESimple SongsSelf-Released
March 23, 2021456, THE"So Long" b/w "Little Victories" [Single]Self-Released
July 26, 202249TH AND MAINMust Be Nice [EP]Counter
April 12, 202249TH AND MAIN"Streetlights" [Single]Counter
July 30, 20194LFCave PaintingsSelf-Released
February 13, 20184S'DMan Or MuffinHobart
April 19, 202250 FOOT WAVEBlack PearlFire
March 29, 202250 FOOT WAVE"Hog Child" [Single]Fire
February 15, 202250 FOOT WAVE"Staring Into The Sun" [Single]Fire
January 15, 2019500 MILES TO MEMPHISBlessed Be The Damned Self-Released
November 27, 2018500 MILES TO MEMPHIS"Hold On Tight" [Single]Self-Released
May 19, 20205:55, THE"Want More Of It" [Single]frtyfve
March 03, 202065S, THENever Say Never [EP]Mint 400/Pyrrhic Victory
March 02, 202168"Bad Bite" [Single]Cooking Vinyl
March 30, 202168Give One Take OneCooking Vinyl
May 31, 2022700 BLISSNothing To DeclareHyperdub
July 17, 201877:78JelliesHeavenly/PIAS
August 25, 20208 INCH BETSYThe Mean DaysBaby Robot
March 22, 20228 KALACASFronteraAtomic Fire
June 26, 20189 THEORYGood Morning From A Nuclear GhostElite Frequency Group
March 26, 2019A BAD THINK"Feel Me" [Single]Windmark
April 23, 2019A BAD THINKThe SaviorWindmark
April 16, 2019A BEACON SCHOOL"Glue" [Single]Grind Select/House Arrest
May 21, 2019A BEACON SCHOOL“Fade In Nylon” [Single]Grind Select/House Arrest
February 16, 2021A BETTER HANDCheap Smokes And Champagne [EP]Mutant League
June 06, 2017A BIRD"Polluto" [Single]Mint 400
February 21, 2017A BREACH OF SILENCESecretsEclipse Records
May 04, 2021A CAROUSEL MOONFoxy Vol. 1 [EP]Mint 400
November 30, 2021A CAROUSEL MOONRandom People [EP]Mint 400
September 14, 2021A CAROUSEL MOONOut Of Sequence [EP]Mint 400
September 29, 2020A CERTAIN RATIOACR LocoMute
April 20, 2021A CLOUD OF RAVENSAnother Kind Of MidnightCleopatra
March 23, 2021A CLOUD OF RAVENS"When It Comes" [Single]Cleopatra
May 11, 2021A DARKER BRIGHT"Drift" [Single]Self-Released
June 08, 2021A DARKER BRIGHTLay The Armour DownSelf-Released
October 04, 2022A FAMILY CURSEA Family CurseSelf-Released
May 07, 2019A FAWN AT DAWNFalse Memory [EP]Self-Released
February 05, 2019A FRAGILE TOMORROWGeneration LossMPress
August 22, 2017A GIANT DOGToyMerge
November 12, 2019A GIRL CALLED EDDY"Been Around" [Single]Elefant
January 14, 2020A GIRL CALLED EDDYBeen AroundElefant
August 17, 2021A GREAT BIG PILE OF LEAVESPonoTopshelf
June 28, 2022A HOUSE SAFE FOR TIGERSTransienceNocturnalSol