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June 02, 2020GEORGE CLANTON AND NICK HEXUM"Aurora Summer" [Single]100% Electronica
September 12, 2023DEVI 2000Planet Love, Volume 2108 Kisses
February 01, 2022IANN DIORon to better things10K Projects
July 23, 2019CALAZZUSDark Night1155572
April 27, 2021WILL GRAEFEMarine Life11A
July 30, 2019SULTAN AND SHEPARD, ROCK MAFIA AND BAHARI"Miles To Your Heart" [Single]12 Tone
October 04, 2022VOICE OF BACEPROTSchool Revolution (Remix) [EP]12 Wired
September 14, 2021VOICE OF BACEPROT"God, Allow Me (Please) To Play Music" b/w "School Revolution" [Single]12 Wired
July 11, 2023VOICE OF BACEPROTRetas12 Wired
February 16, 2021RAVEENA"Tweety" [Single]12Tone
October 22, 2019NEFFEXQ203 [EP]12Tone
October 06, 2020PARSON JAMES"High Tide, Low Tide" [Single]12Tone
May 04, 2021JOELLE JAMES"Heart Can't Take It" [Single]12Tone
May 11, 2021PARSON JAMES AND JOJO"Dirty Laundry" [Single]12Tone
June 15, 2021JOELLE JAMES"Apply Pressure" [Single]12Tone
September 12, 2023FEDERICO AUBELE"Like Fire" [Single]13/InGrooves
August 15, 2023FEDERICO AUBELE"What We Lost" [Single]13/InGrooves
August 08, 2017MATT POND PAStil Summer131
November 03, 2020PROCESSCandids136 Sound
March 06, 2018UNTIL THE RIBBON BREAKSUntil The Ribbon Breaks1405/Kobalt
October 09, 2018CURSIVEVitriola 15 Passenger
October 29, 2019CURSIVEGet Fixed15 Passenger
March 21, 2017TIM KASHERNo Resolution15 Passenger
January 21, 2020CRITERIAYears15 Passenger
August 29, 2017NADINE SHAHHoliday Destinations1965 / [PIAS]
September 26, 2017WESLEY FULLERInner City Dream1965 / [PIAS]
November 24, 2020NEW WEST"Next To You" [Single]199x
May 03, 2022ELLERY TWININGRevenge19th & 7th
September 05, 2023ELEPHANTS AND STARSGet Your Own Army [EP]19th & 7th
April 26, 2022CRASH THE CALMA Town Named Nowhere19th & 7th
April 26, 2022ENROSEWait, Create [EP]19th & 7th
August 09, 2022GAMBLERSWhen We Exit [EP]19th & 7th/Symphonic
February 04, 2020LUPE FIASCO"Hey Lupe" [Single]1st And 15th
July 12, 2022LUPE FIASCODRILL MUSIC IN ZION1st And 15th Too/Thirty Tigers
October 31, 2017JEHOVA WAITRESSESRoute 52 Folked Up
July 28, 2020MICHAEL JONESAmerican Poet Pt. 1 [EP]2020
June 16, 2020JEHNNY BETHTo Love Is To Live20L07
November 19, 2019JEHNNY BETH"I'm The Man" [Single]20L07
November 24, 2020LANNDSLotus [EP]225
July 28, 2020ORACLE SISTERSParis I [EP]22Twenty
March 14, 2023ORACLE SISTERS"RBH" [Single]22Twenty
January 31, 2023ORACLE SISTERS"Tramp Like You" [Single]22Twenty
April 13, 2021ORACLE SISTERSParis II [EP]22Twenty
November 03, 2020FAT TROUT TRAILER PARKFat Trout Trailer Park22Twenty
October 04, 2022FAT TROUT TRAILER PARKFlorida [EP]22Twenty
May 18, 2021EDGARwHAT a Hoot [EP]22Twenty
April 04, 2023ORACLE SISTERSHydranism22Twenty
July 27, 2021COP KIDCop Kid: Greatest Hits Vol. 222Twenty
March 30, 2021MR TAPE AND MADGE"Whatify" [Single]22Twenty
August 11, 2020BABY BULLDOGRodney [EP]22Twenty