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August 06, 2019HUSKY LOOPS"Think You're Wonderful" [Single]30th Century
May 21, 2019SAM COHENThe Future's Still Ringing30th Century
October 15, 2019POPPY JEAN CRAWFORD"Same Old Trick" [Single]30th Century
October 15, 2019BIG SEARCH"Thin Veil Of Time" [Single]30th Century
December 11, 2018BROKEN BELLS"Shelter" [Single]30th Century
February 19, 2019SAM COHEN"Something's Got A Hold On Me" [Single]30th Century
April 09, 2019BABE RAINBOW, THE"Morning Song" [Single]30th Century
January 29, 2019BIG SEARCH"To Feel In Love" [Single]30th Century
January 29, 2019THANDII"Another One" [Single]30th Century
November 26, 2019ALEXANDRA SAVIOR"Howl" [Single]30th Century
October 02, 2018HUSKY LOOPS"Everytime I Run" [Single]30th Century
November 26, 2019ST FRANCIS HOTEL"The Truth Is Dead" feat. Theresa Wayman [Single]30th Century
September 01, 2020BABA ALI"All These Wires" [Single]30th Century
January 21, 2020ST FRANCIS HOTEL"Milkshake" [Single]30th Century
September 10, 2019ADAM GREENEngine Of Paradise30th Century
September 10, 2019ST FRANCIS HOTEL"Liar, Liar, Liar" [Single]30th Century
September 05, 2017BABE RAINBOW, THEThe Babe Rainbow30th Century/ Columbia
March 07, 2017GRANDADDYLast Place30th Century/Columbia
March 07, 2017DAMS OF THE WESTYoungish American30th Century/Columbia
October 31, 2017PARQUET COURTS AND DANIELE LUPPI Milano30th Century/Columbia
March 05, 2024AMELIA WHITELove I Swore31 Tigers
February 06, 2024AMELIA WHITE"Get To The Show" [Single]31 Tigers
February 25, 2020DJ CREATIVITY"Love Sounds" [Single]32 Track
October 20, 2020AUBREY MIKEL"Chiquita" [Single]32 Track
November 02, 2021DJ CREATIVITY"Stop Your Heart" [Single]32 Track
July 28, 2020AKI BERGEN AND RICHTER"Turquoise" [Single]33
September 29, 2020KEEES AND DAN MCKIE"Orch" (Davina Moss Remix) [Single]33
May 05, 2020COMMON UNDERGROUND"All About That" [Single]33
September 24, 2019FASTBALL"The Girl You Pretended To Be" [Single]33 1/3
October 15, 2019FASTBALLThe Help Machine33 1/3
November 13, 2018LILI HAYDN AND THE SERVICE CATS"Ain't Like It Used To Be" [Single]33 1/3
August 13, 2019ASCENDING FROM ASHESGlory360
May 29, 2018SAM MORROWConcrete And Mud360 Degrees
October 17, 2017KEVIN FISHERBeer Me37
May 16, 2017KRRUM"Moon" [Single]37 Adventures / +1 Records
January 22, 2019RYDRYD37 Adventures/PIAS
February 27, 2018GEOWULFGreat Big Blue37 Adventures/PIAS
October 17, 2017SAMSON ASHEToo Rough [EP]37 Adventures/PIAS
June 23, 2020MICHAEL STIPE AND BIG RED MACHINE"No Time For Love Like Now" [Single]37d03d
February 07, 2023KARIN ANN"for a moment" [Single]3:00 AM
October 25, 2022CROOKED ROYALSQuarter Life Daydream3DOT
February 13, 2024BOUNDARIES"Easily Erased" [Single]3DOT
October 18, 2022BOUNDARIESBurying Brightness3DOT
August 27, 2019INFINITY SHREDForever, A Fast Life3DOT
July 20, 2021BULBModerately Fast, Adequately Furious3DOT
April 02, 2024BOUNDARIESDeath Is Little More3DOT
February 12, 2019PERIPHERY"Blood Eagle" [Single]3DOT
April 09, 2019PERIPHERYPeriphery IV: HAIL STAN3DOT
April 11, 2023BOUNDARIES"Bedlam" [Single]3DOT