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February 26, 2019RAD TRADSOn Tap Horn Blow Group/Megaforce
January 25, 2022FLAMANGO BAY"LA" [Single] 0800-MOSHI-MOSHI
July 26, 2022SOFT HILLS, THEViva Chi Vede Black Spring
April 05, 2022LAST BANDOLEROS AND HANNAH BRIER "California Moon" [Single] Cherry Tree
June 18, 2019TERAMAZEAre We Solders Music Theories/MLG
June 22, 2021MICHAEL CORMIERMore Light​!​! Oof/Dear Life
November 01, 2022JORGENSENSAmericana Soul Paramour
January 22, 2019NOCTORUM"A Girl With No Love" [Single] Schoolkids
October 20, 2020VHS COLLECTION"Searching For The Light" [Single] Tiger Tone/PIAS
February 19, 2019LADYTRONLadytron!K7
December 18, 2018LADYTRON"Far From Home" [Single]!K7
November 20, 2018JOHN THE MARTYR"Cross The Line" [Single]+1
August 07, 2018JULIETTASmooth Sailing +1
November 19, 2019COAST MODERN"Puppy Llama" [Single]+1
June 27, 2017JULIETTA"Runaway" [Single]+1 Records
May 09, 2017JULIETTA"Beach Break" [Single]+1 Records
April 18, 2017COAST MODERN"Pockets Full of No" [single]+1 Records
August 08, 2017COAST MODERNCoast Modern+1 Records / 300 Entertainment
June 27, 2017COAST MODERN"Dive" [Single]+1 Records / 300 Entertainment
August 15, 2017KRRUMEvil Twin [EP]+1 Records / 37 Adventures
May 08, 2018KRRUM"Waves" [Single]+1/37 Adventures
June 19, 2018KRRUMHoneymoon+1/37 Adventures
January 30, 2018LEYYASauna+1/LasVegas
June 15, 2021IAIN HOWIEPatterns0110/Symphonic
May 17, 2022FLAMANGO BAYThe Fool [EP]0800-MOSHI-MOSHI
September 21, 2021SCOTT FISHER"The Right Way" [Single]1 A.M.
August 27, 2019SCOTT FISHERSongs Of Jerry Garcia And Others1 A.M.
October 26, 2021SCOTT FISHER93 Million Miles1 a.m.
April 03, 2018SCOTT FISHEROne Drop1 A.M.
April 18, 2017SCOTT FISHERJumpin' At Shadows1 A.M.
March 28, 2017THE AFFECTIONATESWhat To Build And What To Destroy10 Ft. Woody
January 24, 2023WE ARE SCIENTISTSLobes100%
June 12, 2018WE ARE SCIENTISTSMegaplex100%
October 12, 2021WE ARE SCIENTISTSHuffy100%
April 13, 2021SMALL BLACKCheap Dreams100% Electronica
March 01, 2022CAROLINE LOVEGLOWStrawberry100% Electronica
July 28, 2020GEORGE CLANTON AND NICK HEXUMGeorge Clanton And Nick Hexum100% Electronica
September 27, 2022NEGGY GEMMY"Gemmy Juice" [Single]100% Electronica
August 16, 2022NEGGY GEMMY"Daydream" [Single]100% Electronica
March 21, 2023NEGGY GEMMY"Seeing Stars" [Single]100% Electronica
February 07, 2023NEGGY GEMMY"Black Ferrari" [Single]100% Electronica
November 23, 2021NEGGY GEMMY"California" [Single]100% Electronica
May 31, 2022NEGGY GEMMY"Beep Beep" [Single]100% Electronica
October 25, 2022NEGGY GEMMY"Twisted" [Single]100% Electronica
June 02, 2020GEORGE CLANTON AND NICK HEXUM"Aurora Summer" [Single]100% Electronica
February 01, 2022IANN DIORon to better things10K Projects
July 23, 2019CALAZZUSDark Night1155572
April 27, 2021WILL GRAEFEMarine Life11A
July 30, 2019SULTAN AND SHEPARD, ROCK MAFIA AND BAHARI"Miles To Your Heart" [Single]12 Tone
October 04, 2022VOICE OF BACEPROTSchool Revolution (Remix) [EP]12 Wired