Community Interview with Darryl Rodway, URBNET

I was in college studying Civil Engineering in Sudbury and got heavily sidetracked with the campus radio station. This was the first time getting on a pair of Technics 1200s, and I gradually just started spending more time in the studio than studying engineering!

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Community Interview with Devon Léger, Hearth Music

We have a very simple mission: “Our goal is to share the music we love with people we respect and trust.” We try to keep it just as simple as that and when we do the job is a lot of fun! We like to tell artist’s stories too, and we really love working with artists who have something important to say.

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An Interview with Stevie B, Mia Mind Music

Non-commercial radio levels the playing field for new artists, most who possess more talent than they have major label backing. The broad programming formats provided at most non-commercial stations allows them to experiment more freely and push the artistic envelope further.”

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