2017 Year End Top Ten NACC Albums

See what albums participating MDs, DJs, promoters, labels and artists said were their personal Top 10 albums of 2017 HERE!

Interview with Janelle Abad of Dangerbird Records

I helped with radio promotion for David Byrne and Brian Eno’s Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, and when the album went to #1 I got a response from David Byrne. He just said “I’m truly in shock..” that was such a cool moment for me.

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Interview with Jenn Misko, a.k.a. The Band Mom

College & community radio are still essential IRL hubs in many local music-fan communities across North America – both for music discovery and as social homes for the kind of lovable misfits and weirdos (and occasional normals) who are drawn to “alternative” (non-mainstream) music

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January 2018 MD of the Month : Miranda Leone, WCVF

I went to a St. Paul and the Broken Bones concert and hands down it’s still the best concert I’ve ever been to. It was in a small venue with not much production, but the absolute artistry behind their music and his voice gave me chills.

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December MD of the Month : Eumir Abela, WECS 90.1

The best live performance I have been to this year was Mild High Club at Rough Trade Brooklyn. Pavo Pavo opened for them and both bands were phenomenal. The songs off the record translated great live. The lighting was pretty low-key, however, the musicianship for both bands were the key components of their performance.

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Interview with Shil K. Patel, Tiger Bomb Promo

College and community radio stations are important in many different ways. They’re often among the earliest public supporters of an artist, especially new artists who are just starting to make a name for themselves. Many college and community stations are much more open minded when it comes to programming new music, and are willing to take a chance on an artist that isn’t yet established.

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Interview with Robb Haagsman, Shine On

I think college/community radio is vital to today’s music community and discovery process. Even though more and more things become digitized and pushed through algorithms, I think many folks still put a good bit of value on recommendations from trusted friends, DJs, etc. For artists going to college radio, outside of gaining airplay in markets all over the country, they also gain crucial champions that are likely the ‘tastemaker’ friend in a social group – the type of person who turns folks onto music.

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November MD of the Month, WORT’s Sybil Augustine

We host a lot of artists, local to international, for interviews and live in-studio music; we work with venues on promo exchanges for concerts; we put on annual events including the Block Party, Bowl-A-Thon, Chili Cook-Off, the Willy St. Fair Underground Stage and more. Our website has useful event calendars and publishes many local stories of interest, and we provide numerous opportunities to access promotional tools in order to support artists and other local organizations.

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